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It is now possible to join the offer of the hardware + software package made up of the USB TUNER programming kit, of 3 POWER-UP kits! (additional control units including wiring) and the POWERSCAN EOBD power test system to measure the actual performance of the vehicle under consideration before and after assembly..

The offer includes:

  • 3 POWER-UP! choice.
  • 3 Wiring for additional control units of your choice.
  • Programming kit step by step USB TUNER.
  • POWERSCAN EOBD system updated to the latest release.

power packThanks to the choice of additional control units and cabling, you will have the possibility to operate on several cars that can be enhanced by performing a point-by-point calibration using the USB Tuner programming kit, which is easy to use and has a clear interface graphics also allows beginners to perform professional calibrations.

After the calibration you can see for yourself the performance of the car thanks to the Powerscan EOBD. The instrument after the test allows detailed printing of the power, torque, acceleration, etc. graphs. certifying to the customer the quality of "processing".

The POWER PACK offers all the advantages of a CROSSED PARTNERSHIP, with the possibility of technical verification through the Powerscan EOBD system and exchange of information with our staff.

To all that summarized above we add the possibilities to enhance your professional image, through the elaboration and publication of windows on our sites.

About Us

The technical center has, on a surface of 500 square meters, specific electronic equipment, a workshop for the repair and remapping of the engine management units, a laboratory for the production of diagnostic equipment and the 4x4 braking power test bench.

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